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Why is it so difficult to become fluent in the L2? 

Some practical questions about the second language (L2)

What are the linguistic barriers to mental and physical healthcare services when patient and health professional have different first languages?

What are the best ways to measure L2 fluency? 

How is oral fluency related to the fluency of mental processes used when speaking in the L2?

Can we measure the size of a person's L2 vocabulary?

Can we measure how efficiently a person understands their L2?

What are the most effective forms of L2 instruction?

How do L2 acquisition and performance change across the lifespan?

What is the role of social contact and communication experience in L2 development?

What is the relationship between ethno-linguistic identity and L2 development?

For immigrants and linguistic minorities, what is the role of the L2 for integrating into the larger community and for achieving psychosocial well-being?

Are there benefits for mental well-being of knowing more than one language?

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